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I LOVE to read…

When I was a kid, I hated reading.  It is possible I was a little obstinate.
I didn’t want to read what someone told me I had to read, so I just didn’t read anything unless forced.

After college, I developed a love of reading.  I read what I want to read.  I usually read for entertainment and as an anxiety coping tool.  I enjoy many different genres, but I have my favorites.  I especially love going into the children’s section and reading from the middle school level of books.  As a general rule, I know I can pick up almost anything there and be assured there is nothing objectionable.  I want my kids to be able to pick up any book on my shelf and read it themselves.
I can disappear inside a book and emerge hours later 🙂

My Bookshelf

My Bookshelf

This is my bookshelf.  It is in my favorite room of the house and I love it immensely.  Not everything will fit on these shelves, but my favorites are there.

I wanted to inspire a love of reading in my children.  It doesn’t have to be boring!  So I have purchased books, new and used, for years.  I love to re-read books, and I love to share them.

I am more than willing to loan out my books to friends and their kids, if I know they will take care of them AND return them.  So I have a system…
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