Making Meals from Scratch

Making Meals from Scratch

Making meals from scratch can be a daunting task. Many households have 2 incomes and little time to devote to cooking. Even when the mother is able to stay at home, household chores, ‘taxi’ service, and caring for your family is enough to keep you running. But the benefits are so substantial; it’s worth the effort. Your family will be eating healthier meals in addition to their being less expensive. Here are a few ideas:

Ø Prepare as many ingredients ahead of time as possible. For example, when I buy hamburger or chicken, I cook it up all at once and freeze it in meal size proportions. The initial investment of time is more, but it’s more than made up for by the time I save each day in meal preparation.

Ø Double your recipe and freeze half of it for another night. It generally does not take more time to double or even triple your meal. (In one week alone, I have made and frozen 2 meals of sloppy joes, 2 meals of stroganoff to serve over potatoes and 1 meal of Mexican Chicken Soup) On busy days, you can just pull a complete dinner out.

Ø Crock-pot meals

Ø Practice makes preparation go faster. I can whip out a batch of chicken enchiladas faster than almost any meal. It is one of my family’s favorites and I have the recipe memorized.