Girls Camp Menu

Girls Camp Menu


  My brain is so full right now, it just may burst.  I am cooking for our church girl’s camp again this year.  There will be about 135 people to feed on a budget.  I do have a kitchen to work in, so most things are going to be made from scratch.

Today’s post is a just a quick one to share the menu I’ve planned as well as the recipes.  I have written them up with a single batch and multiplied out to the quantities I use for camp.  These are great recipes for family reunions too.

I have created multiple excel worksheets (with help from my dear husband) to keep everything organized as well as a detailed daily schedule to keep me on time and on track.  I keep them all in a binder that is the master reference while at camp.  I’m happy to share those files as well if anyone is interested.

A few things of note:

  • I use the Krusteaz brand pancake mix
  • I buy french bread from my local grocer to use for the french toast
  • For the parfaits, I buy vanilla yogurt, granola and cut up fresh strawberries.  They assemble their own.
  • I cook all my meat ahead of time and freeze it.  I can transport it easier that way and it saves time during camp.

What recipes do you use for large gatherings?  I’m always looking for ways to switch up the menu 🙂

2015 Girls Camp Meals

2015 Girls Camp Recipes