Monkey Cupcakes!

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Monkey Cupcakes

Monkey Cupcakes

These cute Monkey cupcakes stole the show when I made them for my sons class. They were easy to make and the kids loved them.  Make whatever flavor of cupcakes you like.  I’m sure you could use a number of different food items to create the details.  I used Lady Finger cookies cut in half for the ears, Nilla wafers for the mouth area and MnM’s for the eyes.  I made the tuft of hair with frosting.

Monkey Cupcakes!
Recipe type: Dessert
  • Cake mix of your choice with ingredients to follow the package directions
  • Lady Finger cookies
  • Nilla Wafers
  • M-n-M's
  • Frosting
  1. Prepare cupcakes according to package directions. Decorate cupcakes into monkeys using Lady finger cookies cut for the ears, Nilla Wafers cut for the mouth, and MnM's for the eyes with frosting eye balls and the tuft of hair on the top.

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