Garage Makeover – Part 1

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I have a dream….

One day it would be really nice to fit both cars in our 2 car garage.  It has never happened in our 21 years of marriage. 

Every couple of months my husband and sons clean out and organize the garage.  It never stays that way for long.  A few years ago we built wood shelves at the front of the garage to help with storage.  They are very nice, but have not been used to their potential.  We also took most of the camping equipment and seasonal decor down to the basement.
This is a picture of the garage after we had already started sorting and getting rid of things.

BeforeThe bottom shelf is always a disaster.  Every one of us is guilty of dumping things onto it.  We can never find what we are looking for either.  Also, it is just too convenient to walk out the door from the house and toss things onto that shelf.

This time we decided to spend the time needed to get it really organized.  This process has taken my husband and I two weekends, but it is so worth it!
Garage Organization

  Here are the steps we took:

1. We took everything off the shelves and sorted them into piles of like items.

2. We decided what we really wanted stored in the garage and what should go into the basement. See Organizing Rule # 2

3. We pulled out all our totes to see what we had and what we would need to purchase.

4. I knew our habit of dumping things on the bottom shelf had to be addressed, so we put up peg board on the end of the shelves that face the door into the house.  This created storage for the items used most commonly in the house. We can still walk out and have a quick and easy place to put things away.  Somehow, we have 15 straight blade screwdrivers and only 4 Phillips screwdrivers.  No wonder we can never find one!  I also put the cooler on the edge of the shelf above it to discourage dumping things on that shelf. See Organizing Rule #1 Pegboard Organization5. I bought two file cabinets at the Habitat for Humanity for $10 a piece.  They are Great for storage.  I already had some plastic drawers and I purchased a few more.  We already had the small drawer storage.
Garage Storage 16. I sorted through all the nails, screws, drill bits, etc and assigned them a home.  This was a lengthy process, but it needed to be done.
_MG_42157. I labeled every drawer and spot on the pegboard.  This step is essential.  Now everyone knows where things are and where to put them back.  See Organizing Rule #3

8. We brought the Holiday decor totes back into the garage and put them on a shelf.  I found totes for all the other things that needed a container and put them up on the shelves.

We still have some work to do.  The bikes, miter saw, garbage cans, mower etc. need to be organized.  So stay tuned for Part 2!

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