A Whimsical Window Garden

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Whimsical Garden

Whimsical Garden

We have an tiered egress window in our basement.  It lets a lot of light into my craft area, but hasn’t been very pretty to look at.  I decided to fix it up with a whimsical landscape.
It is hard to get a good overall picture in a small space, so this post has lots of close up pictures.  Just keep on scrolling!
I started by adding in some potting soil to bring the ground levels up to where I wanted them and to add some good nutrients for my new plants.  I then started with the bottom and worked my way up.  Here is a pictorial tour of my garden!

Whimsical Garden - Bottom Right

Whimsical Garden – Bottom Right

For this section, I used some stone pavers we had to create a path and also a place for me to step on as I worked on the upper levels.  I also made a staircase by cutting a branch into circles.  I used the nail gun to connect them.  My plant selections were chosen by a couple of criteria.  I needed plants that were okay with a lot of shade and were pretty drought tolerant.  Succulents work great!  There are many kinds, and only some are good in colder climates.  I used a combination of perennial and annual plants.  I hope to get them all perennial eventually.  I also transplanted some moss from other areas in my yard into the sections between the pavers.  The white path is made from small sand dollars.

Whimsical Garden - Bottom Left

Whimsical Garden – Bottom Left

I tried to use a items and plants that had a variety of colors and textures.  I also laid a metal planter on it’s side and put plants spilling out of it.

Whimsical Garden - Middle Right

Whimsical Garden – Middle Right

On the middle level we find a little home, outhouse and a pathway.  I found miniature items from several sources including the dollar store, a fairy garden store and the craft store.  My dad made me the outhouse 🙂

Whimsical Garden - Middle Right

Whimsical Garden – Middle Right

I added a little wishing well on this side and plan to make a spiral staircase on going up to the next level.  I still need to figure out how to do that!

Whimsical Garden - Top Right

Whimsical Garden – Top Right

On the top level I have a little pond, some boulders and a tree stump.  The first step down into the window well is a little steep, so I added the rocks and stump to give me something a little taller to step down onto as well as add some dimension

Whimsical Garden - Top Left

Whimsical Garden – Top Left

 On this side, I used another piece of wood as a gnome house.  I planted hen and chicks around it and used more moss between my pavers.

Whimsical Garden

Whimsical Garden

Here is a top view of the whole garden.  I’m quite happy with it.  Even my husband (who was a little skeptical) likes the finished product.  It’s fun to look out at it as I work in my craft area.  Sometimes I even have butterflies come for a visit.
If you want some more ideas, check out Two Green Thumbs Miniature Garden Center.  They have some GREAT ideas as well as supplies.

Gardening in Miniature

Gardening in Miniature

I am anxiously awaiting their new book that comes in June.  I have it pre-ordered 🙂  I want to make some miniature landscapes in containers.

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