Miniature Kitchen and Library

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Miniature Library

Miniature Library

A number of years ago, my sisters and I bought my mom a miniature doll house. She had been wanting one for a long time. She has put a lot of work into it and it looks fabulous! I will have to get her to send me some pictures so I can share them with you.

Fast forward a few years…while I do share a number of my moms interests, I did not want to have a miniature doll house of my own. They do take up a lot of room. However, when my parents came to visit, I took her to a miniature doll house store so she could find fun things to add to her ever growing supply of miniature things 🙂 She wanted me to share with her in this hobby, so I decided to make two miniature rooms that could hang on the wall. I chose to make a kitchen and a library because they represented some of my favorite places to be. I like antiques, so I chose that feel for the rooms.

Miniature Library

Miniature Library Open

You can see the details in the library a little better with it open.

Miniature kitchen in a bottle

Miniature Kitchen

These are tricky to get pictures of because of the glare.

Miniature kitchen in a jar

Miniature Kitchen – Top View

The library now hangs in my office and the kitchen sits in my Hoosier cabinet. A nice compromise to share in one of my mom’s favorite hobbies.

Miniature Kitchen and Library
Recipe type: Project
Cuisine: Miniature
An object to use as your container.
  • I used a large glass jar for my miniature kitchen and a small suitcase from Hobby Lobby for my miniature library
Miniature items and furniture to suite your room.
  • I found most of my miniature supplies at Hobby Lobby. The furniture in the library came from a miniatures store.
  • Everyday items can be used in miniature scenes. I used poppy seeds, sesame seeds and red pepper flakes to fill the bottles in my kitchen hutch.
Optional - Plexiglass to cover the front of your room and keep dust out.
  • I used this for my library scene.
Scrapbook paper
  • I used this for wallpaper in the library.
  1. I bought a little suitcase looking box from Hobby Lobby. I cut out one side and fit a piece of plastic into the opening. I used scrapbook paper for the wallpaper and bought the furniture and accessories to place inside. You can see inside better with the case open. The rug is actually the lining that was already on the back of the case.
  2. I bought some of the miniature books and made the rest. I cut small pieces of scrap wood down to book size. I printed off miniature book covers from the internet and glued them onto the wood.
  1. I started with a large canning jar. I cut a piece of cardboard the size of the bottom of the jar. I printed a circle of worn wood floor pattern and glued it onto the cardboard. I carefully folded it to get it inside.
  2. I modified the simple cupboard by adding the tin designs on the door. They actually came in the bookshelves I used for the library. I put food into the jars. I used poppy seeds, sesame seeds, red pepper flakes, wheat and thyme. I glued everything securely into the cabinet before I placed it into the jar.
  3. There is a broom and mop on one side of the cabinet and a bucket full of vegetables on the other side. I stained the cabinet, painted the wood chair and my dad helped me make the table.

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